2018: a new beginning

2018 could be the year you learn new skills, get new qualifications, and open new doors.

Since UNISON and the Open University started working together in 1997, thousands of members have studied accredited courses and have enhanced their career prospects and their confidence as a result. Could you be next?

The Open University has produced two new tools to help you decide if you’re ready for further study.

Can I do it?

The key to success is starting in the right place and at the right level. Answering a few quick questions will help you assess whether you have the skills you will need to make the most of your studies – and, if not, how you can obtain them. Visit http://www.open.ac.uk/courses/do-it and click on the Am I Ready? tool.

Can I do it?

Preparing for distance learning

If you’re thinking about distance learning but want to know a bit more about what it involves before you commit, take a look at the Open University’s free course Am I ready to be a distance learner? 

It explores some of the key elements of successful distance learning including:

  • study skills;
  • time management;
  • becoming digitally ready;
  • how to effectively engage with course materials;
  • assessment.

Each of the interactive steps covered in the course is linked to (free) additional learning resources, so by working through each step, you will discover more resources to help with your study.

Am I ready to be a distance learner?

Financial support

And if you do decide to take the next step into further study, make sure you look at the financial support that we offer to UNISON members undertaking study at their own expense.

Financial support