Help us shape the future of learning

Do working people have the skills they need to succeed? Are they getting the training they need to do their jobs properly? And are they prepared to face the future of work?

We’re asking all UNISON members to help us find out by completing our Skills For The Future survey. It should take around 15 minutes to complete, and you’ll have the chance to be entered into a prize draw to win an expenses paid seaside holiday in Devon, or one of twenty shopping vouchers.

The findings will help us to ensure that the learning that we offer to our members is useful, relevant, and high quality.

They will also provide us with evidence that we can use to make the case to the government, employers, and other organisations, for high quality training for the entire workforce.

Click here to take the Skills For The Future survey

We’re also hoping that more UNISON members will get to know about the opportunities that are already open to them.

‘Member learning is UNISON’s best-kept secret,’ says Davinder Sandhu, education officer. ‘So many people tell me that they just don’t know about the learning opportunities that we offer.’

We’re hoping to beat our record – the 27,000 responses we got to our 2011 ‘Skilled for Work’ survey. Can you help us out? Completed the survey… and then pass the link on to a fellow UNISON member! The more responses we get, the more accurate and useful our findings will be.

Click here to take the Skills For The Future survey