Count on us to celebrate National Numeracy Day

It’s National Numeracy Day today and here at UNISON we’re celebrating the importance of numbers in our everyday lives.

Today we are helping everyone in the UK to take action to build the confidence and skills to use numbers effectively. At present, nearly half (49%) of working age UK adults currently have the numeracy levels of a primary school age child, which has a significant negative impact on them, on employers and on society overall.

Public attitudes towards maths and numbers are overwhelmingly negative, yet those with poor numeracy skills are more than twice as likely to be unemployed and the average cost to individuals with poor numeracy skills id £460 a year. At UNISON, ULR’s across the country are helping members feel more comfortable about using numbers in the workplace, and to recognise the value of numeracy in everyday life.

You can find out more about National Numeracy here and find out more about #NationalNumeracyDay here