Getting Young Members engaged with learning during #GoForGrowth

2019 is UNISON’s Year of the Young Worker. Most young workers are contending with low wages, insecure jobs and no voice at work, they need trade unions more than ever.

But it’s not just securing workplace rights that unions do to support young workers. Getting young workers participating in UNISON’s learning programme is a really great way to not only engage existing young members, but recruit new ones.

Whether it’s building skills for the workplace and day-to-day life or understanding rights at work, there are plenty of learning activities ULR’s can deliver to support young members.

For young workers thinking about their next career steps, UnionLearn have created CareerZone, which provides a one-stop-shop for careers information or alternatively you could deliver one of our short courses such as ‘Get That Job’ or ‘Your Skills, Your Future’ specifically for your young members.

Learning online for many people is a great way to learn at their own speed, in their own time. Wranx have a range of bite sized e-learning modules on topics such as mental health or functional skills for young members to sign up to that only take a few minutes to complete a day.

Young workers don’t just care about their own workplace issues, there’s plenty going on in the world –racism, mental health, climate change, austerity – that our members what to know more about and fight. FutureLearn had a wide range of free online courses covering Politics and the Modern World that young workers can access and the TUC have recently released a new eNote on tackling the far right.

 For more information on what learning we can offer Young Members, email