Maths and English: not just for termtime

Schools may have broken up for the summer, but for us learning is something that happens all year round. And it can be useful to concentrate on the basics – ‘functional skills’, as they’re called – English, maths, and digital skills.

Here are some great free resources to help you and your colleagues do that.

Open University online courses

The Open University has a range of everyday maths and English courses that you can work on at your leisure. They all come with a statement of participation and digital badge upon completion.

National Numeracy Challenge

UNISON is working with National Numeracy to give members working in schools and education a chance to brush up on their number skills. By accessing the National Numeracy Challenge, a free online learning tool, you’ll be able to work towards the Essentials of Numeracy – the maths skills you actually need in work and everyday life. It allows you to find out your level and points you towards resources personalised to you to help you improve.

Take the National Numeracy Challenge (schools members)

Take the National Numeracy Challenge (other members)

Wranx daily drills

Even if your August is as busy as the rest of your year, you can brush up your English and maths skills in just ten minutes per day with Wranx. This app gives you a daily quiz tailored to your ability level and adapts itself as you go, so that you learn at your own pace.

We have a full list of available modules here.

The power of stories

Looking for something a bit lighter? Watch this fascinating video about what happens in your mind when you read a story.

Digital technology guides

It can be hard to keep up with the ever-expanding world of digital technology. Digital Unite have a library of how-to guides to help you get to grips with topics like What is the Internet?How to order groceries online, and How to apply for a UK passport online.

Find them here

Functional Skills webinar

And, looking ahead, UNISON learning reps who want to support English, maths and digital learning in their workplaces are invited to our Functional Skills webinar on 16 September.

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