UNISON launch Inclusive Technology Guide with Diversity and Ability

For many of us, there are very real barriers when it comes to doing work if we have a disability or are neurodiverse. This is why we’ve been working with Diversity and Ability to create a great new guide of useful technologies to use in the workplace to make work easier.

We’ve got tools to support reading, writing, numeracy and time management amongst other things and the tools can either be used in your web browser or downloaded to your devices. Alongside this we’ve also created a section on how to get the most out of the inbuilt accessibility features in different operating software and devices. In each area we’ve provided a handful of different tools explaining what they do and how best to use them.

“Assistive Technology is vital… access to it can change everything! It helps create flexible learning and working environments for different ways of thinking and those different ways of thinking are an invaluable asset to any workplace. It offers strategies and tools that, when coupled with quality training and support, enable the workforce to thrive … and not simply survive.”

Emma Turner, Diversity & Ability

By partnering with Diversity and Ability (DnA), a disabled-led social enterprise specialising in workplace accessibility, inclusive technologies and training, we’ve been able to provide relevant and authentic recommendations to help make the workplace a little more inclusive.

Inclusive Technology Guide


Photo © Jess Hurd / reportdigital