Online registration is coming!

IT learning © Jess Hurd/

Over the last few months, developers have been working to create a new way for UNISON activists and members to apply for our training courses.

Your region will be testing this new facility over the next few weeks by making it possible to register online for some courses.

How do I apply for a course?

Log in to My.Unison, go to “UNISON Courses”, choose which course you wish to apply for then click “complete registration interest”. This will generate notification emails to yourself to acknowledge receipt, and to the region and branch to let them know that there has been an expression of interest.

Important: this won’t automatically book you onto a course. Your branch will still need to approve your application, and your region will allocate places based on UNISON policy.

What will my branch need to do?

Branches will go into the membership system and see that all reps that have registered an interest will be listed under Web Reservation. The branch will then update the booking and select Approved by branch. Branches can reject an application if someone is not eligible to attend for any reason.

I can’t see a particular course that I wanted to attend!

To begin with, regions will only be putting a limited number of courses online. This is so that branches and regions can monitor the system in its early days.

If you’re unsure as to whether a particular course is running, contact your regional education team.

Are you getting rid of paper application forms?

No! The intention is that this process will be an alternative way to apply for courses, which some people may find more convenient.