New rep? Here’s where to start

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted many workers to join a union, and many union members to step forward to take a more active role in their branch. If you’re one of those people – thank you! The more UNISON members who are confident being visible and active in the workplace, the more power we have to change working conditions and culture for the better.

This is a strange time to be beginning your journey as a UNISON rep, and we’re having to find new ways to deliver the training and support that you need in your role.

With the current focus on making workplaces ‘Covid secure’, many members are interested in becoming health and safety reps – if you’re one of them, visit the Be On The Safe Side page on the main UNISON website, where you can learn more about the role and sign up to be contacted by a UNISON organiser.

Be On The Safe Side

More learning resources for health and safety reps

But there are plenty of other ways to get more involved in UNISON. Our e-learning site has plenty of online learning activities to get you started. To access this:

1. Make yourself an account on My.UNISON

2. Visit our e-learning site and log in with your My.UNISON account

If you want to get more involved in UNISON, but aren’t sure which role might suit you, our Activate! game prompts you to consider your existing skills and attributes and sets out some of the roles that you could stand for.


Then we have more detailed introductions to some of our key roles, including:

All UNISON reps will need to know about data protection and how we keep our members’ personal information safe. You can find out about this with our GDPR and Data Protection module.

GDPR and Data Protection

And that’s just for starters. We also have e-learning modules on topics as varied as dyslexia awareness and apprenticeships, as well as all sorts of other online learning opportunities.

Visit our e-learning site

We aim to get you trained in your new role as soon as possible. Our induction courses are now all happening online. To find out about availability near you, contact your regional education team.

Regional education teams