Online workshops from the Open University

Workshops delivered by The Open University have always been one of the most popular features of our member learning offer. Now we’re delighted to be able to offer three of those workshops online for the first time this autumn.

These workshops are now full. Look out for more later in the year – or check your regional education programme to see if any have been organised in your area.

Managing challenging behaviour (for schools workers)

This virtual workshop designed specifically for workers in schools looks at developing our understanding of challenging behaviour and the strategies to help us cope with it through the following topics:

  • Dealing with an incident; the “cycle of behaviour”; what is “good” behaviour?; the TA’s relationship with children; when the going gets tough; working with parents; the behaviour policy; and how we promote positive behaviour.

Autism awareness

This virtual workshop aims to provide you with an increased understanding of autism through the following areas:

  • An introduction and background into autism; information on how autism presents; and finally how we can support those with autism.  

Recommended for anyone working with children or adults with autism or in contact with those with autism in their private life – or similarly for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding.

Dementia awareness

This workshop will cover the following areas:

  • The brain (some clinical details); what dementia is (types and statistics); signs, symptoms and living ‘well’; quality standards; laws and theories in relation to dementia; the ethics and ethical dilemmas; and finally what we can do – nationally, locally, individually.

Recommended for anybody dealing with dementia or affected by dementia in some way (perhaps in a close loved one, a work colleague or a friend) and also those working with service users who may suffer from dementia.