Get online, get confident

UNISON is pleased to support Get Online week in October, and is marking the event with the launch of a series of basic digital skills workshops.

Get Online Week is a digital inclusion campaign organised by Good Things Foundation. With 9 million adults in the UK unable to get online without help, over 13 million lacking the digital skills they need for work, and 65% of adults believing that keeping their digital skills up to date will be important for the future, we’re glad to be involved in changing things for wider access.

A lack of digital skills can often lead to greater isolation, poverty, leading to poorer health outcomes, job prospects and education, access to public services and opportunities to improve their quality of life. Many public service workers, working in catering, cleaning, social care and health and many other manual and office-based functions face an increasing demand to have digital skills, whether it is to digitally record schedules, rotas and timesheets. This series aims to build up your confidence using digital skills. 

The series of digital basic skills workshops covers:

  • how the Internet works and how it can help save you money
  • tips on staying safe online, which includes advice on how to create a strong password and general good practice
  • beginners’ training on aspects of the Microsoft Office package suite: Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  

Making the most of the Internet  

Monday 18th October, 12:30-2pm

A brief history of the Internet and an introduction in how it works, with tips on how to save money and make use of useful sites that could help you in your everyday life. 

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Keeping yourself safe online 

Tuesday 19th October, 12:30-2pm

Thinking about what to share, creating and keeping strong passwords, and other digital hygiene basics.

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Applying PowerPoint for a job interview presentation 

Wednesday 27th October, 12:30-2pm

Many job interviews now rely on a PowerPoint presentation as part of the recruitment process, and here we aim to offer you some guidance on how best to approach it to help you get that job. 

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How to create Word documents for your letters and reports

Wednesday 3rd November, 12:30-2pm

You might be asked to write a report, create and format a letter or be part of a project, or perhaps you just want to understand the basic functions of Word to help you get creative. Here we run through some of the functions offered by Word. 

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Practical basic Excel introduction to help you in everyday life

Tuesday 8th November, 12:30-2pm

If you are planning an event, working out the cost of shopping, work out ways to budget, then this might be a good introduction to some of the basic functions of Excel. 

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