Additional training for reps and branch officers

Reps reading the UNISON Code of Good Branch Practice

Employment law

Introductory courses on a range of employment law subjects are offered at regional level. Contact your regional education team for details.

Experienced reps can build their skills and knowledge with advanced courses delivered at national level.

Lay tutor training

Discussion leaders training and lay tutor training is available for lay members who want to run short workshops or courses to get members involved in branch activities. Contact your regional education team for more information.

Sector-specific training

There are specialist courses available for various sectors in UNISON, including: ProcurementTUPEIntroduction to Job Evaluation in the NHS. These can be run in your region subject to demand. Please talk to your regional education team.

Other follow-on training

Ask your branch education co-ordinator or regional education team about UNISON courses and workshops on:

  • further representation skills
  • negotiating and bargaining
  • campaigning and equalities (e.g. tackling racism or bullying at work)
  • branch development and organising (e.g. setting up branch mentoring schemes or using social media in the branch)
  • short organising workshops. These workshops, developed for delivery in branches, vary in length from half an hour to half a day. Speak to your regional education officer or organiser if you wish to run any of these in your branch. Alternatively, contact for copies of materials if you or another activist wish to deliver them in your branch.
  • and more

For additional training for reps and officers, please see our U-Train brochure