Becoming active in UNISON

There are many different ways to be involved in UNISON. Some people are quite happy just to pay their subscriptions every month and leave it at that. Others become contacts or take on a role as workplace rep (steward), health and safety rep, or union learning rep (ULR). Still others get involved as a member of a self-organised group, or volunteer to take on a branch officer role.

And there are many reasons, too. Some people find it comes as second nature to speak up when they see unfairness in the workplace. Some people know they have a particular skill or gift to contribute. Still others take on a role because ‘nobody else wanted to’!

Whatever role you choose to take on, and for whatever reason, UNISON education aims to ensure that you always have the knowledge and skills to carry it out with confidence. Once you’ve been elected or appointed to that role, your branch education coordinator or mentor can explore with you what training and support you need.

If you want to find out more about the various roles that exist within UNISON, visit our e-learning site and play our Activate! game. This invites you to consider your interests, skills and qualities and suggests roles that might interest you.  You’ll need to log in using your My.UNISON account.


On the e-learning site you’ll also find ‘e-notes’ – short, online learning modules – introducing some of the roles. You can find out more about what the role of the steward, learning rep, branch welfare officer, and branch treasurer involve.

Getting more involved in UNISON

We offer introductory training for new activists in UNISON. This is designed to make you feel confident in your role and to help you play an active part in your branch.

Find out more

If the role you’re interested in has a particular focus on education or learning, you can find out more about that on this site.

Making UNISON learning happen