Branch development and organising courses

A range of courses intended to encourage members into activism, and to help the UNISON branch become better organised and more efficiently run.

Pathways into UNISON

Pathways into UNISON is a two-day course that helps women members to explore the possibilities of getting more involved in the union. It gives an outline of the way the union works and invites women to explore their own skills and how they can use them.

New Conference Delegates

This one-day briefing aims to assist delegates to understand and participate in the National Delegate Conference by:

  • explaining the role of Conference in UNISON
  • showing what Conference is like
  • giving practical advice on how Conference works
  • examining the Rules and Standing Orders governing Conference
  • preparing delegates to participate on behalf of their branch.

Mentoring in the UNISON branch

This course introduces the principles of mentoring and puts it in the context of the UNISON branch. Participants will gain an understanding of what mentoring is, practise key mentoring skills including listening and questioning, and consider regional and branch mentoring strategies.

This course is run over one or two days.

WARMS (web access RMS)

WARMS (web access RMS) allows branches to access and update RMS, UNISON’s membership system. Training is delivered by e-learning, and the user gets access to more features of WARMS as they move through the training.

Organising workshops

These workshops, developed for delivery in branches, vary in length from half an hour to half a day. Click here to download a summary of Learning and Organising workshops (PDF). Speak to your regional education officer or organiser if you wish to run any of these in your branch. Alternatively, contact for copies of materials if you or another activist wish to deliver them in your branch.

Social media

This course is aimed at Branch Communications Officers and other branch officers who are interested in using or finding out more about social media.

It will help participants:

  • To develop knowledge about the range of social media
  • To increase confidence of branch communications officers in using social media
  • To debate the pros and cons of social media use
  • To apply a strategic approach to using social media as part of branch work
  • Develop a social media action plan.

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