How branches can support activists in their development

UNISON stewards looking at the UNISON website on a smartphone
Developing and supporting activists is a crucial role for all UNISON branches – it is also crucial to developing our union.

UNISON is committed to providing opportunities to enable activists to fulfil their role effectively. By providing each new activist with a named contact who can encourage them and point them in the right direction, branches can support them through every stage of their development.

Our objective is to ensure that we have reps who are trained and active across all workplaces where there are UNISON members. The ‘Trained and Active’ plan and accompanying branch guide provides a step-by-step process to help branches achieve that.

Download the Trained & Active plan for contacts

Download the Trained & Active plan for activists

Download the Trained & Active plan for reps

Download the Developing and Supporting Activists branch guide

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