Equalities and Campaigning

A range of courses to equip activists with the skills and knowledge to organise and campaign effectively around political and equalities issues.

Political education workshops

These workshops, developed for delivery in branches, vary in length from half an hour to half a day.

  • Boom – Bust – Fightback
  • Defending public services
  • Lobbying game
  • Marching in our trade union footsteps
  • Mobilising around the cuts
  • You can make a difference

Click here to download a summary of Learning and Organising workshops (PDF). Speak to your regional education officer or organiser if you wish to run any of these in your branch. Alternatively, contact LearningAndOrganising@unison.co.uk for copies of materials if you or another activist wish to deliver them in your branch.

Challenging racism

This course is designed to familiarise UNISON branch officers and workplace reps with the key elements of the Equality Act 2010, including the duty it places on employers to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations. The course will also help branch officer and workplace reps to develop a branch action plan for raising race equality issues with employers.

Equality and your branch

This one-day course aims to enable participants to:

  • understand the role of the branch equality co-ordinator and self-organised group officers
  • improve knowledge of the tools that can be used to tackle discrimination and promote equality
  • develop members’ understanding of equality in UNISON
  • promote equality organising in the branch and workplace and contribute to a branch development plan

Strategic campaigning

This course can be run over one or two days, and takes participants through a series of steps which need to be in place to ensure effective campaigning, from analysis of branch and employer and establishing campaign networks through to the development of appropriate and effective resources.

Self-organised group specific training

UNISON provides specialised training for members and activists in self-organised groups. UNISON Learning and Organising Services work together with national and regional self-organised group officers and regional education staff to provide appropriate training materials.

For more information, contact your regional education team or self-organised group contact.

Mental health awareness

This course for Health and Safety reps and other activists can be run over one or two days, and aims to:

  • examine what we mean by ‘mental illness’
  • look at what employers can do to maintain mental health at work
  • identify some of the common signs and symptoms of poor mental health in the workplace
  • discuss and explore strategies for intervention and support for members experiencing mental ill health
  • understand what causes stress for us in our union roles
  • review strategies for coping with stress

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