Follow-on training

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Even once you’ve completed the introductory training for your UNISON role, you’ll find that there is further training available to help you carry out your role more effectively.

For some roles, you may need to attend follow-on training in order to stay active. For example, UNISON workplace reps (stewards) need to attend ERA reaccreditation training at least every five years. For others, follow-on training is optional but recommended. Talk to your branch education co-ordinator about your training needs.

Our U-Train guide sets out the range of courses open to UNISON activists, grouped according to theme.


Or find out more about follow-on training for the following roles: 

Workplace representatives (stewards)

Health and safety reps

Union learning reps (ULRs)

Sector-specific training

There are specialist courses available for various sectors in UNISON, including: ProcurementTUPEIntroduction to Job Evaluation in the NHS. These can be run in your region subject to demand. Please talk to your regional education team.

Contact your regional education team

Employment law

Introductory courses on a range of employment law subjects are offered at regional level. Contact your regional education team for details.

Experienced reps can build their skills and knowledge with advanced courses delivered at national level.

Contact your regional education team

See upcoming national courses

Mental Health First Aid

UNISON takes a collective approach to mental health in the workplace. Mental Health First Aid courses are offered nationally and aim to equip reps with the skills and knowledge to recognise when colleagues may be experiencing mental health issues, as well as to work with employers to establish systems and policies that support health and wellbeing.

See upcoming national courses

Committee Skills

Members of national committees are offered training to help them carry out their responsibilities more effectively.

These include:

  • Leadership development for national committees
  • Mentoring for national committee members
  • Chairing skills
  • Dealing with paperwork
  • Speaking with confidence
  • Smooth Running: skills for standing orders committees

Your committee administrator will send you details of courses and how to apply.