Digital Champion

The use of digital technology is increasing in our workplaces and in our personal lives, from accessing digital payslips to paying council tax online. We all need to develop our digital skills to keep up with changing technologies.

That’s where digital champions come in.

What is a digital champion?

Digital champions are trained volunteers who can support colleagues learn new digital skills, gain digital confidence and overcome barriers to getting digitally active in the workplace. In UNISON, learning reps may choose to become digital champions, allowing them to deliver short digital learning courses and drop-ins for colleagues, as well as supporting people alongside them in the workplace.

Who can be a digital champion?

Any UNISON learning rep can become a digital champion. You need a basic understanding of how to use digital technology and confidence with basic digital skills, plus the time and patience to support someone in their learning.

It may also be appropriate for some other UNISON activists to become digital champions.

How do I become a digital champion?

Digital champions begin with a day’s training. After this you will receive access to the Digital Champions Network – a UK-wide platform for digital champions working and volunteering in lots of different organisations.

UNISON and The Digital Champions Network offer:

  • Free online training and resources
  • A community of digital champions to share ideas with
  • Face-to-face events
  • Certificates and Open Badges

If you’re interested in taking on the role, please email:

Find upcoming Digital Champions training courses

“Since becoming a Digital Champion, I have been able to support my colleagues and customers with confidence. Supporting learners gives me great satisfaction, especially when learners do not think they can use digital and I watch them grow with confidence and eagerness to learn more.” – Linda Slasor, Union Learning Rep and Digital Champion, Newcastle City Council Branch


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