Advanced Employment Law: contracts, redundancy and TUPE

15 – 18 February 2022

This course is aimed at experienced reps, who should be ERA accredited and have a basic understanding of employment law (for example, through having attended an Introduction to Employment Law course). The course will be delivered over four morning sessions on 15-18 February 2022.

This course will help activists gain a good understanding of contracts of employment and members’ potential rights when facing redundancy. It will enable activists to recognise relevant legal issues when dealing with casework, campaigning and negotiating. It also covers unilateral variation of contract in the context of changing contracts; redundancy and TUPE. It does not cover unfair dismissal in the areas of capability and misconduct.

The closing date for this course is Friday 21st January 2022. There is limited availability and places will be allocated after this date.

A charge of £150 will be made to your branch.

To apply, you must:

  • Be an ERA accredited representative and be active in supporting and representing members
  • Have previously attended an Introduction to Employment law course or equivalent
  • Be able to commit to attending on the above dates for the full 4 days (9am – 1pm)
  • Be prepared to spend approx. 1 hour at home on pre-course exercises
  • Be prepared to spend approx. 1 hour on homework during the afternoon/evening of the first three days of the course
  • Be able to access a secure internet connection and have a computer or tablet on which to access Microsoft Teams
  • Have permission from your employer if you are using their IT equipment
  • Have agreed facility time (time off) from your employer to attend the full course if attending during working hours
  • Have agreement from your branch to attend

To apply for a place please complete the form below.

Contracts, Redundancy and TUPE Law - February 2022

  • The course materials will be posted to the address you give here
  • We will use these details to: send you details of how to participate in this course; send you hard copies of course materials; update your membership record if appropriate; check that you have completed any prerequisites; and contact your branch so that your attendance on this course can be authorised.