Advanced Employment Law: Race Discrimination

4 November 2021 9:30am–4:30pm

It can be difficult to recognise when members have a realistic chance of proving race discrimination and activists may lack confidence in this area. This course will give practical skills for discussing members’ concerns and recognising potential cases. More generally, it will build skills of interviewing members and analysing evidence which can be applied to supporting members with any issues.

This course is suitable for any experienced rep, not just those who identify with or have an interest in a particular equality strand. Any rep may find themselves asked to deal with a case which turns out to have a discrimination element, and it is important to be able to recognise that and deal with it appropriately.

The course will be delivered virtually over Microsoft Teams, 9am – 4.30 pm on Thursday 4th November 2021.

To apply, you must:

  • Be ERA accredited and active in supporting and representing members
  • Have previously completed Introduction to Employment Law or advanced employment law course
  • Be able to commit to attending on the above date for the full day
  • Be able to access a reliable internet connection and have a computer or tablet on which to access Microsoft Teams
  • Have permission from your employer if you are using their IT equipment
  • Have agreed facility time (time off) from your employer to attend the full day, if attending during working hours
  • Be prepared to spend approx. 1 hour at home before the training day on exercises which we will send you in advance
  • Have agreement from your branch to attend

If your application is successful a charge of £75 will be made to your branch.

To apply, please complete the form below:

Race Discrimination Law - November 2021

  • If you are given a place on the course hard copy resources will be posted to this address.
  • We will use the information given in this form to: communicate with you about the course and send details of how to participate; send you hard copies of course materials; update your membership record if appropriate; check that you have completed any prerequisites; and contact your branch so that your attendance on this course can be authorised.