Financial Wellbeing Fortnight

17 – 28 October 2022

UNISON College recognises the difficulty that many of our members are facing this winter with the increased cost of living. Steadily rising fuel bills, inflating supermarket prices (to name but two elements of the current problem) alongside poor pay increases mean that many are concerned for their finances as well as their wider wellbeing.

Following on from a successful Financial Wellbeing Week in 2020 in relation to the financial burdens placed upon members during the height of the coronavirus pandemic and national lockdown we have decided to run another financial wellbeing event designed to offer support and guidance during the difficult times ahead and hopefully allow some to make plans and preparations for it, where possible.

With sessions on understanding your pay and planning your finances through to navigating pre-retirement and making your groceries go further and cost less, we hope there is something for everyone. Further details of all training sessions and webinars and how to register can be found below.

The programme

There’s a wide range of sessions running over the two weeks of this event. All these workshops are delivered online, using either MS Teams or Zoom.

Monday 17 October, 10am-11am

Budgeting in 2022: Check in on your finances – delivered by FLIC

This event is now over.

Tuesday 18 October, 12pm-1pm

Earning in 2022: Getting paid – delivered by FLIC

This event is now over.

Friday 21 October, 1pm-2pm

Managing your debt – delivered by PayPlan (UNISON Debtline)

This webinar offers advice on how to keep your finances under control and how to use practical steps to make things more manageable.  As well as this we will show you how to seek confidential guidance and support to resolve problem debt if needed.  So, whether you have serious money worries or not, everyone can benefit from the information being shared.

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Friday 21 October, 2pm-3pm

Managing your debt – delivered by UNISON Debtline

As above.

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Friday 28 October, 2pm-3pm

Borrowing in 2022: What can I do to borrow cash this year? Stopping your debt getting dangerous – delivered by FLIC

You might be worried about spiralling bills, paying off old debts or borrowing for the future. It is sometimes necessary to borrow money, but not all debt is the same: when we are desperate to borrow we can sometimes make decisions we regret. Whatever you do for a living, this session is aimed at those with questions about borrowing money — past, present and future.

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Our partners

This Financial Wellbeing Fortnight, UNISON College are working with Lighthouse Financial Advice (part of the Quilter group), Flic, UNISON’s own Welfare department and charity There for You, and UNISON Debtline (provided by PayPlan) to deliver excellent training, information and guidance in the hope of relieving some of the worry you may be experiencing.

Lighthouse Financial Advice is the trusted financial advice partner of UNISON. They are a leading financial business, and their purpose is to help you achieve your aspirations through expert financial planning. Not only are Lighthouse delivering a range of webinars for us, but as a member of UNISON you are entitled to free one-to-one initial financial consultation with them around financial planning, mortgages or retirement. These flyers contain further information and contact details about their member benefits.

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Flyer – Local financial advice

Flyer – Mortgage options

Flyer – Retirement

Flic  (the Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign) is supported by the FT’ and aims to ‘democratise financial education’. Flic has partnered with UNISON to bring you three interactive workshops to help you take stock, plan ahead and understand what help is available.

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UNISON Debtline service is available to help members manage money and stay in control of their debt. They can help members access a debt relief order, individual voluntary agreement or bankruptcy. The service is available free to all members, by simply calling on freephone 0800 389 3302. Members will have an initial chat with a trained advisor to get a true reflection of their circumstances.