Financial Wellbeing Week

4 – 7 May 2021

UNISON’s first ever Financial Wellbeing Week offers members a wide range of online learning opportunities.

Whether you’re concerned about finances in the present, in the medium term, or further in the future, we have something for you.

From budgeting to pensions, from interactive workshops to live webinars, it’s all happening in May!

Lighthouse Financial will be delivering educational webinars with information regarding financial wellbeing, what it is and how to work towards it and the impact of financial worries on our general wellbeing.

We will also have the chance to consider: How financial distress can affect our social, physical and mental health and similarly, how mental health can impact our physical, social and financial wellbeing.

There is a choice of three sessions:

    • Tuesday 4th May 12pm
    • Wednesday 5th May 2pm
    • Thursday 6th May 6pm

Lighthouse will also be delivering a pensions and retirement finance webinar. ‘Pensions and Retirement Explained!’ has information to help you prepare your finances in relation to your retirement and receiving your pension:

  • how pensions work
  • how much you might get (will it be enough for you to enjoy a comfortable retirement?)
  • AVCs and other ways of boosting your pension provision
  • early retirement: could it be an option for you?

This webinar is 45 minutes long and will take place at 10am on Friday 7th May.

We are offering financial confidence workshops from National Numeracy. These two-hour sessions will help build your confidence in dealing with finances and money related numeracy.

There is a choice of two sessions:

    • Tuesday 4th May 14:00pm
    • Thursday 6th May 10:00am

And we are also offering a budgeting workshop designed to help members manage their income and understand how to set up a budget using their computer.

There is a choice of two sessions:

  • Thursday 6th May 10:30am
  • Thursday 6th May 1.30pm

Please complete the form below to register for your preferred session(s).