Keeping yourself safe online

19 October 2021 12:30pm–2:00pm

UNISON is proud to be part of the ‘get online week’ in October, with the launch of a series of basic digital skills workshops that supports a digital inclusion campaign organised by Good Things Foundation.

The Covid pandemic may have accelerated digital take up for some but for many millions, the gap, if anything, has got wider.

Over 13 million people in the UK lack the digital skills they need for work (Lloyds Consumer Digital Index, 2020). A lack of digital skills can often lead to greater isolation, poverty, leading to poorer health outcomes, job prospects and education, access to public services and opportunities to improve their quality of life. Many public sector workers, working in catering, cleaning, social care and health and many other manual and office-based functions face an increasing demand to have digital skills, whether it is to digitally record schedules, rotas and timesheets. This series aims to build up your confidence using digital skills.

This course is for members who would like to learn about how to keep safe online, whether it is thinking about what to share, creating a strong password, as well as a lot more 

This course will:

  • Introduce common threats to online safety
  • Provide guidance to create strong passwords
  • Discuss how the data you provide online is used
  • Support members with other digital hygiene basics

Please use the form below to register your interest in attending the course: