English, maths and IT

ESOL learners at ISS Middlesex University

Are you interested in improving your English, maths or IT skills?

If you want to improve your skills and confidence in English, maths or IT, you should ask your employer, who has a responsibility to address your training needs in these areas.

You can also contact your region for information about courses or providers in your area. UNISON has a national agreement with the WEA. GCSE maths and English courses are often free at colleges or adult education providers. Your local library may offer help with IT skills.

UNISON members who wish to study GCSE maths or English can apply for a learning grant of up to £200 for help to buy course books, or with registration or exam fees.

Do you want to support English, maths or IT learning in your workplace?

We have produced guidance for UNISON learning reps and organisers on offering English, maths and IT learning opportunities.

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