Finding a new job

UNISON 'Moving On' booklet

There are all sorts of reasons for looking for a new job. It might be your choice, or it might be something that circumstances have forced you to do. 

You may be looking at a complete change of career. There may be redundancies or reorganisation going on in your workplace.

Whatever your reason for looking for a new job, UNISON has resources and learning opportunities to help you through the whole process, from creating your CV to the interview and beyond.

Writing your CV

Interview skills

We’re able to offer free online courses that go into all these skills in more depth through our partnership with the Skills Academy.

Skills Academy

Many of our regions offer our Get That Job and Your Skills, Your Future courses through the WEA, and we occasionally run national courses too.

WEA workshops

Contact your regional education team

See national courses and events

Supporting learning around CV, job application and interview skills

Many UNISON members are keen to move on in their existing careers or to move into a new career.

If employees are facing redundancies or reorganisation, offering learning around CV, job application and interview skills can be a practical way to help and to make sure that people know that the union is on their side.

Our Moving On toolkit offers several short activities that you can run in your workplace or branch

There’s also an online version available on our e-learning site. (Log in with your My.UNISON account for access.)

Download the Moving On toolkit

Download the Moving On activity booklet

Find the electronic Moving On activities on the e-learning site