WEA one-day workshops

Your Skills Your Future workshop participants

We offer a range of shorter workshops delivered by the WEA (Workers’ Educational Association).

Want to find out whether any of these workshops is running near you? Or are you a learning rep who wants to run one of them in your workplace? Contact your regional education team.

Personal development

Power to be you

The workshop aims to improve self-esteem, share tips and ideas for addressing confidence and assertiveness issues, raise awareness of UNISON education and development opportunities, and help participants to speak up with confidence.

Your skills, your future

Are you feeling stuck in your current job? Explore what skills you have, how to make the most of them, and how to develop new skills. Whether you want to learn for work or in your personal life, this workshop is for you.

Get that job

Identify your skills and values and give your confidence a boost with this workshop, which explores the job application process. You will learn how to refer to your past experience to back up your application and explore new career directions.

Dealing positively with change

Facing change together

Are things changing at work? This session will look at practical ways that we, as UNISON members, can help and support each other during times of change or uncertainty. You will find out about the relevance of working together and ways the union can help and advise you.

Coping with change

Taking place over a weekend, this workshop is aimed at people who are involved in change and reorganisation in the workplace and will help you:

  • understand change and how it affects you
  • look positively and proactively at change
  • develop and practise some skills for coping with change
  • make a positive contribution to change at work
  • set your own personal action plan for change

Making a difference

This weekend workshop is particularly relevant to people who have already done some learning with UNISON. It will help you:

  • identify the issues that affect you in your daily life
  • recognise the contributions that you make within a team
  • discuss the role of the ‘activist’
  • identify your personal goals and become more involved in issues that you feel strongly about
  • evaluate the guidance and support provided by UNISON

Personal interest

Family history

Learn about the benefits of researching family history, learn the difference between genealogy and family history, find out how to draw your own family tree, and plan your own future research.


The Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) is a charity dedicated to bringing high-quality, professional education into the heart of communities. It offers thousands of courses every year, many of which are free.


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