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Staying safe online

If you’re posting on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or any other social platform – chances are you’ve received unwanted or even abusive comments – often from complete strangers.

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How to set community guidelines

If you’re setting up a Facebook page or group, or any kind of discussion forum, it’s useful to have ground rules that everyone can agree to. Feel free to adapt these guidelines for your own use, but try and keep them friendly and encouraging – we don’t want to scare nervous members off!

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6 amazing reasons you should apply to join the team

UNISON is embarking on a major digital work programme over the next two years. We can only deliver it if we have people who have the vision, skills and experience on board…. which is why we’re hiring! Here are 6 amazing reasons you shouldn’t let this opportunity pass you by!

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What do our members look like?

We’ve got grand plans for how we can use digital to reach and inspire our members over the coming years, and make us a stronger union as a result. Before we start, we need to know who our members are and what makes them tick, and what they want from us. At our recent Digital […]

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Three tricks and tips for creating engaging films.

Remember February? I do! I remember discussing UNISON’s campaign against the Trade Union Bill with the team at our UNISON Essex team away day. I remember how concerned I and others were that our members – including activists – might not have even heard of it. And even if they had, did they really understand the momentous negative impact it would […]

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The UNISON digital blog aims to collect together views, experiences and examples of great digital work by members, staff and activists in UNISON.

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Boosting our members’ digital confidence

It’s Get Online Week from 15 to 21 October – as the use of digital technology increases in the workplace, we want members to try one thing online to increase their digital skills and gain digital confidence

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New on the UNISON website: a searchable database of policy decisions

A searchable and browsable view of UNISON policy motions going back more than 10 years. Every year, UNISON holds a number of conferences to decide on the direction of the union. The motions discussed and voted upon, if carried, become UNISON policy and outline work to be undertaken by the relevant democratically-elected committees – the […]

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#GetOnlineWeek is here!

This week it’s Get Online Week and UNISON, along with other organisations across the UK, will be supporting people to get online and take part in the digital world. It’s estimated that over 5 million working adults lack the full set of basic digital skills – so with the rise of digitisation and automation in […]

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Functional Skills Webinar

16 September 2019 1:00pm–1:45pm

How do we help develop our members’ English, maths, and digital skills and promote learning in the workplace? Join us for this lunchtime webinar and find out…

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