UNISON’s Inclusive Learning Project

Man and woman with book and laptop © Jess Hurd/reportdigital.co.uk

UNISON has received support from the Union Learning Fund in England to embed learning in the workplace. Its targets are to recruit union learning reps, to encourage learning activities, and to enable branches and employers to set up sustainable systems for supporting learning.

The project’s priorities for 2020-21 are:

  1. recruiting ULRs
  2. supporting apprenticeships, young people, and their progression
  3. engaging learners: promoting ICT/digital skills, maths and English learning
  4. developing skills for the workplace, especially for those who have least access to training
  5. Tackling barriers to equality and diversity

The Inclusive Learning Project can support learning activities in branches and regions with funding that can be used to pay for venue and catering costs, or learning equipment or resources (but not tutor costs or activist training). UNISON learning reps, lifelong learning coordinators, organisers, and education officers can all apply for help. There are two levels of funding available:

  • Kickstart – up to £250 to support learning events and engage existing and potential members (for example, paying for refreshments at a workshop or buying a bookcase for a workplace reading group)
  • Moving On – £250-£2500 to help put sustainable learning in place (for example, buying IT equipment for a learning centre)

To apply for funding, download and complete the appropriate application form, returning it to kickstart@unison.co.uk. If you would like to discuss how to use funding, contact Learning and Organising Services on 0207 121 5116.


Kickstart application form 2020-21

Moving On application form 2020-21

Kickstart promotional PDF


Using Kickstart and Moving On

Inclusive Learning e-bulletins

Photograph © Jess Hurd/reportdigital.co.uk