Shaping UNISON College: research

A person holds a pen which has just written 'Next Steps'

UNISON has commissioned a large-scale membership survey to help form and develop UNISON College. The survey was conducted in March-April 2022 and it received a remarkably good number of responses. In total, 18,329 UNISON members responded to the survey. Additionally, six focus groups were run to dig in deeper on members’:

  • recent learning experiences
  • demand for learning and training
  • barriers to learning and what would help lowering the barriers
  • awareness of UNISON existing learning offer and
  • views of UNISON College.

Survey respondents showed a great appetite for learning but face barriers such as lack of time and cost of training. The results offer a good ground to build UNISON College offer further especially in

  • exploring what its extended continuous personal development (CPD) offer will look like
  • recruiting new union learning reps (ULRs) to support learning in the workplace and
  • growing the number of learning agreements with employers and
  • raising the visibility and awareness of UNISON learning offer and UNISON College.

You can download the executive report here:

UNISON College survey

Or download detailed findings below:

Survey responses – by region

Survey responses – by service group

Survey findings on equalities