Inclusive Technology Guide


UNISON, in collaboration with Diversity and Ability, have put together a guide of useful technologies to use in the workplace. From mind mapping tools to spell checkers, there are many tools that make work easier.

Many of the recommended tools can be used in your web browser and some need to be downloaded – if you have any issues downloading the software you may need to check with your IT department. Many tools are also available as Android and iOS apps, so you can download them to your other devices.

In the guide you will find tools that support you with:

There is also a section on getting the most out of the inbuilt accessibility features in:

Diversity and Ability (DnA) is a disabled-led social enterprise that specialises in workplace accessibility, inclusive technologies and training. All the tools in the guide are used by DnA team members so are relevant and authentic recommendations – we hope you enjoy using them too. If you have any questions or would like to organise some inclusive technology training for your workplace you can contact Diversity and Ability via 978 8303 or book on their website.