A new way for young workers to learn about workplace rights

Young workers have rights around pay, holiday, health and safety and equalities that exist to protect them in the workplace. It’s vital that every young worker knows and understands their rights to make sure their employers aren’t breaking the rules.

UNISON, in partnership with Wranx, have launched a free bite sized digital tool which uses a technique called spaced repetition to help young workers learn their rights at work.

From knowing how much leave they’re legally entitled to, to how the Equality Act protects people in the workplace, the Young Workers’ Rights daily drills can help you learn vital information in just 2-3 minutes per day.

Wranx uses spaced repetition in the form of daily drills – a series of around 10 short questions a day –  that assess how well you know the answer to key worker rights issues through quick self assessment. As your knowledge grows, Wranx schedules questions to appear at different points during the module to help you grown strong on the topic.

To sign up to the module visit https://unionlearn.ulp.wranx.com and select Young Workers Rights from the drop down menu

You can access the Young Workers Rights module using your desktop or mobile device.