Learning at Work Week 2024

Explore the power of learning during this year’s national Learning at Work Week 13-17 May.   Register for sessions   More information   Regions There are many activities and sessions being run across the regions and branches. Please contact your region to find out what’s happing near you. Become a Union Learning Rep (ULR) UNISON […]

Discounted IT courses (and more!) for UNISON members from e-Careers

The IT and digital skills courses that we run are some of the most popular learning opportunities available through UNISON College. Now UNISON members who would like to expand their knowledge of Microsoft Office applications can take advantage of a discount on accredited courses from e-Careers, including: Microsoft Access 2019 Microsoft Excel 2019 Microsoft Office 2019 […]

Where will you go in 2023?

2022 has been an exciting year for us – seeing the launch of UNISON College at National Delegate Conference and the return of our own ULR conference to UNISON Centre, with the introduction of new courses for members and for activists, and the trial of a careers information, advice and guidance service (read on for […]

A good manager communicates well

It’s important to be able to communicate with others in all walks of life but these skills are absolutely vital for managers and team leaders. Whether you are already leading teams or a rising star UNISON College offers a self-directed online course for you to improve your skills.  Communication techniques for managers certification course from […]

Is touch typing a skill you need?

We’re spending more and more time with our keyboards writing emails, reports, letters, meeting minutes and more. And typing faster and without looking at the keyboard could actually save time. You can train your muscle memory, which helps your fingers remember where each letter is on the keyboard and with some practice you can be […]

What’s not being said: brush up your skills in reading body language

Eyes looking up or down? Crossing arms? Serious face? Purposefully low-pitched voice? It’s a fact that words are not enough, and we communicate with each other also using our bodies. Non-verbal communication covers a lot of things we don’t actually say out loud. First impressions matter and a smile makes others feel more positively about […]

New e-note: U in UNISON

We have a new e-note – an interactive online learning module – for new UNISON members, and for those who might have been around for a while but don’t necessarily feel confident finding their way around the union. U in UNISON walks you through the different groups and structures that make up the union. No […]

Get your assertiveness groove on!

February’s Skills Club course is Assertiveness skills certification provided by the Skills Academy. UNISON pays for members’ access to Skills Academy catalogue. You just need to apply for an account on the UNISON website and you are good to kick off learning. Assertiveness is about behaviours and ways to communicate. Developing your assertiveness skills helps […]

Join the UNISON Skills Club!

There’s no need to create a new you for the new year! Join UNISON’s Skills Club instead and learn new skills. You can top up your continuous professional development (CPD) or learn for fun and find new interesting topics to explore. Each month from January onwards UNISON will curate an online course for the Skills […]

Get online, get confident

UNISON is pleased to support Get Online week in October, and is marking the event with the launch of a series of basic digital skills workshops. Get Online Week is a digital inclusion campaign organised by Good Things Foundation. With 9 million adults in the UK unable to get online without help, over 13 million lacking the […]