Get your assertiveness groove on!

Hand holding a Post-It note with text 'Builds Confidence'

February’s Skills Club course is Assertiveness skills certification provided by the Skills Academy. UNISON pays for members’ access to Skills Academy catalogue. You just need to apply for an account on the UNISON website and you are good to kick off learning.

Assertiveness is about behaviours and ways to communicate. Developing your assertiveness skills helps with being confident and building relationships both in your professional and personal life. Respect yourself and others and learn about making yourself heard in the workplace, in your union branch or life outside work.

The Assertiveness skills certification course covers:

  • Defining assertiveness
  • The value of assertiveness in the workplace
  • Identifying and overcoming flawed thinking processes
  • Adopting assertive body language and exuding confidence
  • Assertive influencing techniques

You can see the full Assertiveness skills certification course description on the website but remember that you need to have a UNISON allocated account to access it free. The course duration is roughly five hours and carries a CPD certification.

UNISON’s Skills Club discovers a new online course to take each month. The courses are self-guided so you can choose where and when to learn. The courses offer members food for thought, opportunities for continuous professional development (CPD) and learning for fun.