New e-note: U in UNISON

A stick figure contemplates a cloud of jargon words. Text: 'There are many elements to UNISON's structure. In this module, we'll explore how each of these elements relates to you, in your job role, at your workplace.

We have a new e-note – an interactive online learning module – for new UNISON members, and for those who might have been around for a while but don’t necessarily feel confident finding their way around the union.

U in UNISON walks you through the different groups and structures that make up the union. No more mixing up service groups and self-organised groups! It also explores UNISON’s democratic processes like conferences.

Along the way you’ll learn about some of the people who work alongside, you, represent you, and support you.

You can take your time working through the e-note, leaving and coming back to it as often as you like.

It includes a downloadable workbook that you can fill in as you go, building your own picture of your union.

You’ll find U in UNISON on our e-learning site. UNISON members can create a My.UNISON account to log in to the site.

And if you find that U in UNISON whets your appetite, why not take a look at Activate! to find out how you might get more involved in UNISON? You’ll find that on the front page of the e-learning site too.

Visit UNISON’s e-learning site