Have a happy and stress-free new year

After enjoying all that turkey and trimmings and playing Twister with friends and relatives all night it might be perfect time to have a breather and so a bit of online learning.  To help you enter the new year full of peace and calm try Reducing stress with meditation and visualisation certification course.  This is […]

A good manager communicates well

It’s important to be able to communicate with others in all walks of life but these skills are absolutely vital for managers and team leaders. Whether you are already leading teams or a rising star UNISON College offers a self-directed online course for you to improve your skills.  Communication techniques for managers certification course from […]

Take a minute for taking minutes

Taking minutes is a skill that is exceptionally useful for many of us at work. Who wouldn’t want to have access to concise meeting minutes that provide a helpful record of the event?  It’s also a skill that definitely makes union activists’ life easier not to mention any clubs and associations where we meet others, […]

Is touch typing a skill you need?

We’re spending more and more time with our keyboards writing emails, reports, letters, meeting minutes and more. And typing faster and without looking at the keyboard could actually save time. You can train your muscle memory, which helps your fingers remember where each letter is on the keyboard and with some practice you can be […]

What’s not being said: brush up your skills in reading body language

Eyes looking up or down? Crossing arms? Serious face? Purposefully low-pitched voice? It’s a fact that words are not enough, and we communicate with each other also using our bodies. Non-verbal communication covers a lot of things we don’t actually say out loud. First impressions matter and a smile makes others feel more positively about […]

Get your assertiveness groove on!

February’s Skills Club course is Assertiveness skills certification provided by the Skills Academy. UNISON pays for members’ access to Skills Academy catalogue. You just need to apply for an account on the UNISON website and you are good to kick off learning. Assertiveness is about behaviours and ways to communicate. Developing your assertiveness skills helps […]