Have a happy and stress-free new year

After enjoying all that turkey and trimmings and playing Twister with friends and relatives all night it might be perfect time to have a breather and so a bit of online learning. 

To help you enter the new year full of peace and calm try Reducing stress with meditation and visualisation certification course. 

This is one of the over 600 self-directed online courses UNISON College funds members’ access to. You just need to apply for an account on UNISON website to get the free course offer. 

Reducing stress with meditation and visualisation course duration is 2.5 hours and it covers: 

  • The full definitions and benefits of both visualisation and meditation. 
  • Effective meditative techniques and styles to help you reduce stress. 
  • How to successfully use visualisation to achieve relaxation. 
  • How to harness the de-stressing power of Mettā Meditation which combines meditation and visualisation. 
  • All the steps you need to take, to successfully use meditation and visualisation, in order to reduce stress. 

The Skills Academy courses are CPD accredited. You can see a full description of the Reducing stress with meditation and visualisation course on the website. Remember that you need to have a UNISON allocated account to access it for free. 

UNISON’s Skills Club introduces a new online course to take several times a year. The courses are self-guided so you can choose where and when to learn as long as you have an internet access and a device to use. The courses offer members food for thought, opportunities for continuous professional development (CPD) and learning for fun. 

Happy learning and Happy New Year! 

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