A good manager communicates well

It’s important to be able to communicate with others in all walks of life but these skills are absolutely vital for managers and team leaders. Whether you are already leading teams or a rising star UNISON College offers a self-directed online course for you to improve your skills. 

Communication techniques for managers certification course from the Skills Academy explores theoretical and practical approaches to aid better and more confident communication. You also have an opportunity to reflect on your own skills.

UNISON funds access to the Skills Academy courses for its members so they are free for members to take. 

Just apply for an account on the UNISON website and you’re good to go and try out Communication techniques for managers certification or any of the other courses on professional and personal skills that are on offer. 

The Communication techniques for managers course offers eight hours of learning and a CPD accredited certificate in the end. You’ll learn about: 

  • The key personal attributes and qualities displayed by good communicators and how to develop such skills. 
  • How to manage a range of situations which may occur in a team and how to use communication in order to overcome various issues and resolve conflict. 
  • Communication styles and how to identify which style is most appropriate in which situation and how to adapt your own style when dealing with different types of people and circumstances. 
  • The concepts of listening, posture and modulation when communicating and how to use each to the greatest advantage. 
  • Tips on interacting with others well and building a working environment that is inclusive, motivating and empowering for employees. 

You can see the full Communication techniques for managers course description on the website. And remember that you need to have a UNISON allocated account to access it for free. 

UNISON’s Skills Club introduces a new online course to take several times a year. The courses are self-guided so you can choose where and when to learn as long as you have an internet access and a device to use. The courses offer members food for thought, opportunities for continuous professional development (CPD) and learning for fun. 

 Happy learning! 

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