Take a minute for taking minutes

Taking minutes is a skill that is exceptionally useful for many of us at work. Who wouldn’t want to have access to concise meeting minutes that provide a helpful record of the event? 

It’s also a skill that definitely makes union activists’ life easier not to mention any clubs and associations where we meet others, make decisions and pin down action points. 

Minute taking certification from the Skills Academy is the course for you if you are ever asked to take the minutes in a meeting. 

UNISON funds access to the Skills Academy courses for its members. The courses are self-directed online learning which allows you to learn at your own pace. 

Just apply for an account on UNISON website and you’re good to go and try out Minute taking certification or any of the other courses on professional and personal skills that are on offer. 

The Minute taking certification course duration is eight hours, and you get a CPD accredited certificate in the end. The course guides you on preparation for meetings and using templates. You’ll learn about: 

  •  Understanding the basics of minute writing 
  • The qualities of a minute taker 
  • The benefits of taking minutes 
  • Recording of minutes 
  • Minutes layout 
  • Minutes standards 
  • Technology in minute taking 
  • Common dos and don’ts when writing minutes. 

You can see the full Minute taking certification course description on the website. And remember that you need to have a UNISON allocated account to access it for free. 

UNISON’s Skills Club introduces a new online course to take each month. The courses are self-guided so you can choose where and when to learn. The courses offer members food for thought, opportunities for continuous professional development (CPD) and learning for fun. 

Happy learning!