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Skills builder: develop your skills in reading, writing and numbers

We use English and maths every day. But many of us aren’t as confident as we like to be when it comes to our literacy and numeracy skills. That’s why UNISON has launched Skills Builder, an online tool designed to help you feel more comfortable using words and numbers.

Skills Builder uses practical examples to bring the ideas to life. For example, there’s maths in: shopping; finding the right dosage of medicine; calculating the dimensions and ingredients of a cake; or working out a classroom layout.

It includes top tips on spelling, speed reading techniques such as skimming and scanning and suggestions on how to get the most from reading and writing.

There’s also a refresher on basic maths, with clear explanations and examples on fractions, percentages, divisions, and multiplications.

Here’s a taster:


Your questions answered

How much does it cost? It’s free

Do I have to be a member of UNISON? No, it is open to anyone.

Will I be able to use it more than once? Yes, as many times as you like, there is no limit.

What will happen if I don’t complete it? Nothing, it will just be ready for when you come back to use it.

Can I use it on my smartphone? Yes, you can use it on your smartphone, laptop, and desktop.

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